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[unknown]japan.gamespot.com 2012-12-16 panic download - japan.gamespot.com
This a panic download of japan.gamespot.com as of 2012-12-16. This is a incomplete download since it stop working while download a image. Now japan.gamespot.com is redirected to japan.cnet.com.
Keywords: japan.gamespot.com; archiveteam
Downloads: 260
[audio]East Meets West 96 - Roger Chang and Tom Merritt
Tom and Roger chat about food again, especially raw food andalso comment on the Gamespot situation.
Keywords: podcast; food; raw; cancer; gamespot
Downloads: 2,412
[audio]Stealth Maneuver Presents: Game Maneuvers 12/21/12 - Chris Reddie
Study on violence in Videogames http://www.politico.com/story/2012/12/sen-jay-rockefeller-wants-shooter-games-and-violence-studied-85298.html Consoles only running 30fps http://www.develop-online.net/news/42817/Carmack-Next-gen-games-will-still-target-30-fps The War Z debacle http://www.pcworld.com/article/2022310/zombie-mmo-the-war-z-removed-from-steam-accused-of-fraud.html http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/the-war-z/1226980p1.html THQ Bankruptcy http://www.gamespot.com/news/thq-bankruptcy-a-new-start-s...
Keywords: stealth maneuver; game maneuvers; gamespy; gamespot; thq
Downloads: 51
[audio]East Meets West 7 - Roger Chang and Tom Merritt
In this episode, Roger and Tom discuss a wide range of topics including, the dearth of people with ethics, the reasons Roger quit Gamespot, comcis and baseball card production strategies and the psychology of collectors, electronic book readers and Roger's bad eyesite. There's also a brief appearance by Jango the dog.
Keywords: podcast; ebooks; ereaders; Sony; Gamespot; ethics; collecting; comics; baseball cards
Downloads: 226
[movies]Gambling and Gaming on the Web
The web quickly became a popular platform for game playing and gambling. This show looks at several approaches to using the internet as gaming platform. Sites covered include gamespot.com, acrophobia, NetStorm, Activision, bezerk.com, gamers.com, pgl.net, virtualvegas.com, starluck.com, and intercasino.com. Guests include Dennis Fong (Thresh), the world's most successful computer gamer, Rebecca Anderson, Anthony Schubert, Jonathan Knight, and Jon Swartz...
Keywords: ping; gamespot; activision; acrophobia; netstorm; thresh; dennis fong; 203
Downloads: 1,506
[audio]United Gamedom Podcast Episode 3 - Darren Moore
Get ready for our longest episode yet as we are joined by Denis aka DBoy from Montreal, Canada as we go over Mass Effect 3 thoughts, GAME's administration and a detailed look at Wrestlemania XXVIII as we go through our predictions. With extra tangents! Thanks for listening and please subscribe!
Keywords: Podcast; United Gamedom; Gaming; Youtube; Darro; TheDonovanViper; News; Features; Canada; DBoy; Gamespot; GAME; WWE; Wrestlemania
Downloads: 46
[audio]Podcast Video Game Trailer Review #1 - Sucka Free Gaming (suckafreegaming.blogspot.com)
A podcast of me reviewing the new game trailer for Tactical Intervention
Keywords: Game; Review; Trailer; New; Gamespot; Gamestop; Tactical Intervention; Cool; Tactical; Intervention; Sniper; New; Fun; FPS; First; Person; Shooter
Downloads: 9
[audio]Hart & Usagi Podcast episode 13 - Hart & Usagi Podcast
It's time for episode 13 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast. Usagi and I welcome a brand new guest that many of you should know. It's lightwarrior179! A whole host of topics are discussed with much restraint shown for Mass Effect spoilers. In other words, we don't actually talk about the game itself. Just the unwarranted outrage. With that said, on with the show!TOPICS:* Retake things like Mass Effect* Street Fighter X Tekken DLC* Kamiya's SFxT DLC response* EA Online Pass* Frank Wolf (R) & Joe Baca (D...
Keywords: ea; gamespot; giant bomb; hart & usagi podcast; mass effect; online pass; ring ka king; street fighter; tekken; sad excuses
Downloads: 4
[audio]psruk show 46 xbone - PSRUK Team
The lads are all together again for an in-depth look at Microsoft's change of heart. Plus, Ben's moved house, Paddy's passed exams and tests, and Simon has a London adventure. 0:00:00 - Intro 0:16:58 - GOTW 0:40:00 - PSRQ+A 1:08:02 - News 1:38:04 - Goodbyes nâ Stuff Website - www.playstationradio.co.uk Email - fishandchips@playstationradio.co.uk Twitter - @PSRadioUK Facebook - www.facebook.com/playstationradiouk Ben PSN - Confused_Dude Simon PSN - SiborgSimoSctlnd Patrick PSN - Zippypatrick Ben...
Keywords: ps4; e3; the last of us; xbox one; xbone; drm; 180; gamespot; feedbackular; ps3; psruk
Downloads: 364
[audio]Modern Warfare 2 Podcast Highlights - Various
This is a collection of several podcasts thoughts on the news surrounding IW's Modern Warfare 2. Please discuss this on your blogs, podcasts, or just to friends. thanks, nabokovfan87
Keywords: pc; games; video; gaming; modern; warfare; 2; call; of; duty; infinity; ward; podcasts; giantbomb; kotaku; gamespot; ingamechat; pcgamer; discussion; news
Downloads: 1,488
[audio]United Gamedom Podcast Episode 53 - Darren Moore
And so here we are at the final episode of the podcast (for now at least), which sees former co-host Derek make his triumphant return for one last hurrah.  Hear everything E3 in this 3 hour special where we go through each of the conferences, the highlights and lowlights and what games caught our eye the most from the show itself.  Thank you to everyone who ever listened and we will see you another time!
Keywords: United Gamedom Podcast; E3; Video Games; DBoy; Microsoft; Sony; EA; Nintendo; Ubisoft; Gamespot; Giant Bomb; Wii U; PS4; PS3; Xbox 360; Xbox One; 3DS
Downloads: 23
[audio]Hart & Usagi Podcast episode 36 - Hart & Usagi Podcast
On this 36th edition of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we welcome the return of longtime guest SonicHomeboy to the show and talk about the PlayStation 4, Wii U, 2DS, and much, much more. Check it out!!TOPICS:* Ben Affleck as Batman* PlayStation 4 launch date* PS4 launch window lineup* Tomb Raider worldwide sales exceed 4 million units* Yakuza Restoration announced* Stop SOPA 2013* Online Streaming Dead If You Let It* Nintendo 2DS out Oct...
Keywords: 2ds; 3ds; batman; gamespot; duck tales; nintendo; hart & usagi podcast; ps4; sega; sony; sopa; square enix; tomb raider; wayforward; wii u; yakuza; ben affleck
Downloads: 7
[audio]Hart & Usagi Podcast episode 38 - Hart & Usagi Podcast
With lightnarcissus unable to join us this time due to Internet connection difficulties, you might expect to be bored, but don't worry because we're joined by daBlueWolfy to help fill the guest spot and we talk about our time playing Dark Souls for the Halloween season. Also on this episode you might be spooked by the new GameSpot site or the Steam controller. Don't be afraid, though, because usagi704 and I will keep you company for the duration of episode 38 of the Hart & Usagi Podcast! TOPICS:...
Keywords: dark souls; from software; gamespot; cbsi; 24hcd; feedburner; internet archive; hart & usagi podcast; net neutrality; valve; steam; twitch; lavabit; red cross; tyt
Downloads: 19
[audio]Hart & Usagi Podcast episode 34 - Hart & Usagi Podcast
On this edition of the Hart & Usagi Podcast we talk about our personal gaming collections, Ryan Davis, the Evolution fighting game tournament, and a few other things. Check it out!!TOPICS:* Gaming collection, used games, bad games* Gamescrap Cosmic Race review* Ultra Street Fighter IV* Ryan Davis; GameSpot GamePlay Episode 48, Giant Bombcast 07-09-2013* EVO 2013* Phil Fish* Friends list* When Trash Talk Puts You in JailJoin us by listening in.Blog post for the episode located here.
Keywords: cosmic race; ryan davis; phil fish; fighting game community; evo2k; facebook; fez; gamespot; giant bomb; hart & usagi podcast; rogue warrior; street fighter; tomb raider
Downloads: 9
[audio]A Prelude To A Wannabe Filmmaker 12 - Chris Murray
This week I release information of my new production company Grizzly Beard, cover recent movie and video game news, as well as expose a story of how me and my friends went to a concert and someone's date got swept out from under them! All this and more on this week's episode of A Prelude To A Wannabe Filmmaker!
Keywords: Chris Murray; TV; Film; TV & Film; Murrcast; Grizzly Beard; A Prelude To A Wannabe Filmmaker; movie; video game; gamespot; movie; imd; filmmaker; filming; video; editing; podcast; comedy; health; self-help; art; visual arts
Downloads: 34
[audio]BingeGamer.net's The Bender 007 - BingeGamer.net
The Bender gaming podcast for BingeGamer.net, episode 007.
Keywords: The Bender; Mirror's Edge; Comic Con; GameSpot; Apologies; Guitar Hero World Tour; Fake Tracklist; Nintendo; Wii; Bungie; E3; Microsoft; Itagaki; Tecmo; The Dark Knight; Movie Games; Wipeout HD; Epilepsy; Fat Princess; Melissa McEwan; Binge Gamer; BingeGamer
Downloads: 20
[audio]On The Podcast Episode 5 - Jacob and Tyler
Welcome to another episode of On The Podcast... a video game-based podcast where we also talk other stuff. What stuff you ask? Well! We talked the South Park RPG, Gamespot, Halo, video game music, Vladimir Putin being Pacman, fanfiction, multimedia projects, stories about hitting trees, cheesy videos/acting and much more!Make sure to check out the blog at http://onthegamely.blogspot.com
Keywords: podcast; Halo; Gamespot; South Park RPG; video games; Vladimir Putin; Russia; Pacman; fanfiction; multimedia; trees; stories; Super Mario 3D World; Titanfall; Grand Theft Auto 5; cheesy; B Movies; National Treasure; Nicolas Cage; John Williams; Star Wars; Journey; Final Fantasy; Metal Gear Solid; rpg
Downloads: 2
[audio]Cross Platform Podcast Episode 15
Ridge Racer Vita Vs Ridge Racer 3D? Kid Icarus has terrible controls? Bad Jokes? Resident Evil Meets Socom? Wait theres more? OH MY GOD THIS EPISODE OF CPP IS PACKED WITH AWESOME TOPICS!!! Be sure to listen in guys and check us out on itunes as well!!!
Downloads: 81
[audio]Sept 192013 - Kevin & Rui Sousa
This week on the Paranerds podcast,the Paranerds speak about Cave story 3DS, Heroes of Loot, Pikmin 3, League of Legends,  Minecraft , Luigi's Mansion and Kingdom Hearts HD along with new release and news (see below). Rooster and Kevin debate on the video from Gamestop and Kevin then goes over a rant on how people reacted to not only the score that Gamespot gave Grand Theft Auto V but the personal attacks the internet exploded on Carolyn Petit.NEWSPS4 Will Have HD Capture DeviceNo Plans for GTA...
Keywords: Carolyn Petit; Cave story 3DS; free; gamespot; Gamestop; Grand theft auto v; GTA V; Heroes of Loot; Hiroshi Yamauchi; kevin sousa; Kingdom Hearts HD; League of Legends; Luigi’s Mansion; MineCraft; Misogyny; paranerds; Pikmin 3; podcast; Rooster; rui sousa; sim city; toornto; video games
Downloads: 72
[audio]Damnit Slam Show EP_029 'Realism, Regeneration, and Resent' - nabokovfan87 and sqwishy
Good Afternoon Everyone, I present to you the following.... It is not just another lowly episode of the damnitslam, but it is THE episode of the damnitslam. This is by far the one episode I wish everyone would listen to. Hear the interview, hours after it was put up, which will we all hope will shock the world, hear our thoughts on the matter, and then we get to news.... It is a bit disjointed this week, but there was a ton of things to discuss between computex, e3, and this interview by Tom Mcs...
Keywords: e3; computex; gamespot; tom; mcshea; medal; of; honor; realism; authenticity; support; troops; realistic; philosophy; game; design; video; games; warfighter; special; forces; nvidia; ati; amd; computer; hardware; uncanny; valley; life; like; graphics; software; hardware; future; nintendo; sony; microsoft; press; conferences; ea; ubi; ubisoft; madden; assassin; creed; 3; watch; dogs; beyond; quantic; dream; rainbow; six; ghost; recon; tactical; shooters; first; person; shooters; fps; tps; story; gameplay; ambiance
Downloads: 63
[audio]The Gaming Death Podcast Episode 55 Tokyo Tales - The Gaming Death Staff
Hey guys and welcome to episode 55 of The Gaming Death Podcast. On this episode we are joined by DJ tsu of The 3Black Geeks Podcast. In the beginning of the cast we get to know DJ. Enjoy the stupid questions we ask about Japan. Chris makes an off color comment. After that then we get to find out what Chris, Hollow, Dawn and Kaleb have been up to. Hollow and Chris rant about Magic for about 10 mins but after that Magic isn't mentioned again...
Keywords: Video games; Podcast; Gaming; Shin Megami Tensei IV; Shin Megami Tensei; The Last of Us; Street Fighter; Capcom; PlayStation; Microsoft; Nintendo; PlayStation 3; PlayStation 4; Xbox 360 Xbox One; Wii; WiiU; 3DS; PlayStation Vita; Vita; Animal Crossing New Leaf; Animal Crossing; Magic; Magic the Gathering; game; 3 Black Geeks; Rune Factory; Castlevania; Lords of Shadow; Lords of Shadow 2; Alucard; Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2; Used Games; Comics; Tvs; Novels; Tomb Raider; Tomb Raider Reboot; Beyond Good and Evil 2; itunes; Stitcher; gaming podcast; IGN; Giant Bomb; GameSpot; Greg Miller; RSS; GamingDeath; Gaming Death; GamingDeath.com
Downloads: 38
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